Pre-approved Sub-processors/ Invajos underleverantörer

Invajo keeps the following list of sub-processors that could in some way depending on the nature of the service process personal privacy information.

Invajo's Privacy Policy and the DPA you might have signed with Invajo will define in detail the way Invajo works with its sub-processors when it comes to IT-security and compliance.

This list may be updated by Invajo from time to time:

Name, Service (Location on processing)
• Beetroot, Developers/ Consultants (Ukraine)
• CLX, SMS communications (Sweden/ USA)
• Digital Ocean, Server Hosting (United Kingdom, Germany)
• Sendgrid, Email communications (USA)
• Skrill, Payment processing (United Kingdom)
• Stripe, Payment processing (Ireland, USA)
• UAB Silnera, Developers/ Consultants (Lithuania/ Sweden)
• Svea Ekonomi, Financial Services (Sweden)
• Fort Knox, Financial Services (Sweden)